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book a phone consultation for each service

At Lulu’s Buyer’s Office, we help boutique owners, small brands, designers, service providers and fashion influencers come together to connect, collaborate, learn & grow.

Boutique owners around the globe benefit from the depth and consulting expertise and experience Lulu’s Buyer’s Office has to offer. In a fast growing industry of thousands of retailers, boutiques, service providers and brands, we help to identify solutions and give boutique owners exclusive insights they need to make more effective buying decisions. We deliver strategies that drive growth, unlock profit and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk within the marketplace. Exclusive insights are available through our membership program.

Lulu’s Boutique Advisory and Private Consulting Services Help Boutique Owners Unlock The Formula To Increase Profits And Attract New Customers Amid Growing Competition.

Below, you may book a phone consultation with Lulu to learn more about each service. The prices listed below are not for the phone consultation. The consultation is complimentary. 

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